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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Whiter Teeth? Maybe...

I recently received a shipment from Influenster which contained a brand new product. Inside was an Optical White Toothbrush + Built-in Whitening Pen.  It claims whiter teeth in just two days. I also got a sample of Optic White toothpaste which promises whiter Teeth in one week.

As a frequent coffee and tea drinker and also someone who is an also anal retentive about my teeth, I am always looking for whiting products. I hate those straps that you stick on for 20 minutes, so hopefully these work. Stay tuned and I'll review them in the next week or so.

Friday, January 17, 2014

DBMIP Is Now On Facebook!!!

Good news!  You can now get Don't Bother Me…I'm Procrastinating updates on Facebook.  Make sure to visit my new site at and like the page.  While you're at it, make sure you share the page with all of your friends too!  I would really like that.  ☺

If you arrive at this Facebook page, you're in the right place!

While you're at it, you might as well follow me on Twitter.  My twitter name is #DontBotherMeIP.  I already have quite a few posts there.

I want to make sure you get all of the up to date information on my blog posts. And between Twitter and Facebook, you should be covered.  I'll be looking forward to seeing my numbers of followers grow.

Free Bath and Body Works Lotion

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find a post from Bath and Body Works on Facebook for a free 3 oz. lotion.  Remember, I love anything free.  If you haven't already liked the Bath and Body Works page and this little gift didn't show up on your news feed, go to the Bath and Body Works page, like the page, and look for the post that looks like the one below.
I think yours will actually say "send offer" instead of "resend offer".  Then just follow the directions.  The coupon will actually come to your email.  It's as easy as that!

Has anyone smelled these new scents yet?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adventures in Wilton Cake Decorating Class (Lesson #1)

There are a few things in life that really excite me.  I'm pretty boring that way.  They are getting things for free with Extra Bucks at CVS, scoring treasures at Goodwill and yard sales, when there are cheesecake samples at Costco, and going to the craft store.  

I'm kind of partial to JoAnn.  I don't have anything against Michael's.  In fact, it is directly across the street from JoAnn on my side of town which makes it pretty convenient when one store doesn't have what I need.  It's just that I prefer to go to JoAnn because I sew.  Sewing is my main craft and Michael's doesn't carry fabric.  

This year for Christmas my mother-in-law decided to get me gift cards to a craft store.  Not realizing that I like one store more than the other, she chose Michael's.  I have to admit that I shop at JoAnn probably 80% of the time, so I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do.  And I was kind of disappointed that I didn't have free money to blow on fabric.  Then my husband reminded me that I have always wanted to take the cake decorating classes.  He convinced me to use the gift cards to pay for the classes and supplies.  That man is not only hot, he's a genius too!!!

Looking hot while thinking his genius thoughts...
Two weekends ago I started my classes.  They are four classes long and throughout them you are taught the Wilton method for decorating cakes.  The first class we really just went over how to make the icing we would be using for the next class.  Then we were taught how to fill the icing bags and pipe stars.  The teacher obviously didn't trust us yet with cakes so we have to practice on cookies.

Stars, stars everywhere. 
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me!
I was lucky enough to score a half price class because the store was running a promotion when I signed up.  Then they give you a materials list of things you have to bring with you to the first class.  The most expensive being the student kit with all of the decorating tips and bags and other items, and the student book.
Student Kit--$35
What I wasn't expecting was that after the first class you are expected to bring a whole slew of new items with you like a cake, various spatulas, a cake leveler, a lazy susan, and a cake carrier.  Plus you'll have to buy all of the ingredients to make the cake and frosting at home.  Boxed cake mix is ok, but you have to make the frosting at home.  To make the frosting you'll need powdered sugar, crisco, water, salt, Wilton flavoring, and merengue powder.  Plus you'll need to invest in some gel food color because liquid food coloring will water down the consistency of the icing.  Also know that you'll have to mix the icing with a hand blender or a stand blender (in my dreams I'll have a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer…in red!).  I'm not trying to discourage anyone from taking the class.  I just want you to be prepared for the cost.  I was surprised, especially after being pinched right after the cost of Christmas.  I just with they were upfront when you sign up.

If you do take the class, I want to see all of your pretty creations.  I'll make sure to write about class #2 pretty soon.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Remedy for Super Dry Skin

This winter it has been a losing battle against the dry skin on my legs.  I mean skin so dry that I swear it feels like it's going to crack every time I move.  I've tried every lotion known to man, so don't wast your precious time leaving posts telling me what lotions I should try next.

I was doing fine for a while when I stumbled on the most wonderful smelling lotion lotion every that I bought at my local Sprouts (kinds of like Whole Foods).  It's called Alaffia and comes in a bottle that looks like this.  
And when I say it comes in a giant bottle, I mean it!  It is a full 32 ounces!!!

If you can't find a store that carries Alaffia near you or you want to learn more about Alaffia, visit  They are a fascinating company that does a lot of good in the world!

The lotion is a bit runny, but it is very moisturizing thanks to the shea butter and red palm oil.  And the smell is amazing!

Back to my super dry skin…this lotion seemed to be working, but then it started getting colder and the air got drier and drier and this just wasn't cutting it anymore.  I had to find something else.  Why didn't I just switch lotions, you ask?

Well, here's the story.  I have a disorder called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which is a combination of Lupus, Scleroderma, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I guess you could say I'm a bit of an overachiever.  So between the side effects from the MCTD and the side effects from the medications I take, the dry skin is that much worse when combined with dry winter air and hot showers.  So I've tried everything.  Trust me.

But for some reason my MCTD flare ups have been really bad and I think the dry skin has been too, so I'm sure they are totally related. Last week I was desperate and did some searching on the internet.  I already knew that my skin always feels the best after I use my salt scrub that is made with a really rich oil.  So I searched for the best oil to use on dry skin.  Over and over again I read that grape seed oil is wonderful for dry skin.  Just regular old grape seed oil that you use for cooking.  You know…the kind that you buy at the grocery store.

Well, how luck was I that I had a half full bottle of grape seed oil sitting on my kitchen counter.  I stopped by Goodwill on the way home and got a soap pump.  Here's where my grape seed oil now lives.

Now, after my showers I squirt about half a teaspoon of grape seed oil into my palm along with a pump of lotion.

Then I rub them together really well and rub the concoction into my skin.  It usually soaks in pretty quickly.

Here's a before picture of my leg before I put the lotion and oil mixture on.  Pretty gross, huh?!?!  Would you look at those flakes???  Yuck!!!

I gave it a good ten minutes before I took the next picture so my skin could drink in the moisture.  Look at the difference!  It's like a totally different leg.

Try it.  I swear you'll be amazed.  The good thing about grape seed oil is that is doesn't have a scent.  I thought about olive oil but I really didn't want to smell like an Italian restaurant.  The grape seed oil has lots of antioxidants and is good inside and outside your body.  I bought mine at Trader Joe's.